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Jan 23, 2018

Design your home grounds to please your eye, nourish your soul and make life easier!

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis : Art is forever, but life is short. Timeless Landscape Design shares how I think as a professional landscape architect and the techniques we do for our clients. In this podcast series, you can take your garden to school. 

We offer the touchstone of design by modelling idas gleaned from international travels to see what makes gardens- and home landscape - "tick". What are the questions you have about it? Art principles and a structured design process guide our practice. You can use these too and reveal the potential of your house thru skillful editing.

I'm all for reducing stress. A property is "at peace" that is  at home in its 4 parts :  The Approach & Arrival Sequence, Hub, Perimeter, Linkages to Destinations. It functions seamlessly to meet your lifestyle. Timeless Landscape Design is both a process and a philosophy of how you want to live on your property. Properties that are are well-designed are classical - and hold their value. 

Hugh and I wrote Timeless Landscape Design over a 40 year is a seminal work by two professionals deeply entrenched in their body of work...enough so to have a philosophy. Enjoy this reading!



. Touchstone of Design

. Look at the property as a whole

. Reveal the potential of your home environment



Our book, Timeless Landscape Design : The Four Part Master Plan is now in paperback for $25+ shipping/& $5 handling. It is available from Dargan Landscape Architects. Please call 828-743-0307 to order. 

Lifelong Landscape Design is likewise available thru our office and is $30 + ship/$5 handling. Please call 828-743-0307 to order. 



Hugh & Mary Palmer Dargan, aslas