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Apr 5, 2018

Design your vegetable garden to rock your life! You want convenient good produce close at hand, fresh air, get some exercise and meet a community of like-minded gardeners. It’s a lot easier than you ever imagined… Happy gardening!

Topics in this episode: 

. Soil for raised beds value-priced $1.25 versus $6.95… Read the label and watch out for over improved soil! 
. Add and goodies such as biochar, dry molasses, alfalfa meal, feather meal… Organic opportunities are endless in today’s markets. Consider adding compost tea or composter early in your planning phase.
. Earthworms! Red wigglers and native worms with leaf litter greatly improve your new beds whether they’re raised or from the ground. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple bed with cardboard as its base… Simple techniques can get you started with your successful new garden bed.