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Jan 30, 2018

Why. What. How.

I’m all about nutrition and cost-effective ways to keep healthy. Enjoy this free 8-part course on Sprouting for Health!  ( Parts 1-2) Why. What. How. ( Parts 3-4) Soak. Incubate. Rinse. (Parts 5-6) Plant. Incubate.Rack. (Parts 7-8) Crop. Store. Share.

Why I SPROUT???  : Hugh and I sprout seeds & legumes in our home for health and good eatin’!

Facts: Sprouts are packed with phytonutrients, phytochemicals, terpines and sesquiterpenes. Found in sprouted foods, these biochemical properties inhibit toxin accumulation, are anti inflammatory and antiseptic, among other benefits . Our bodies crave the nutrition found in sprouts! Podcast 009 is the introduction to this lecture series.

Enjoy learning about sprouts! You don’t need a green thumb to grow sprouts and leafy greens. I’ll go over all the details in the 8 podcasts, plus share recipes and a list of supplies.

Sunflower and pea greens, buckwheat, radish, wheat grass, fenugreek, lentil…the list goes ever onward!

Getting your supplies together is VIP! 

Seed growth (horticulture) : 

Trays or  bag grown (sprouts vs leafy greens)

Samples of uses: 

green drink, salad, wheat grass, sprouted pizza dough,  sprout buffet!

The process:

The process we’ll discuss is from Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach FL. I’ve been there many times over the past 20 years, and always learn some useful new mean moves for my kitchen or healthy lifestyle! 

List of supplies:

Seed supplies

Rita’s sprout house VS

Whole Foods

Sow True Seed

growing leafy greens supplies

sacked potting soil with vermiculite & light earth mix for tray grown leafy greens

apartment trays from Hippocrates Health Institute –  ( HHI) double stack for water retention/root growth esp wheat

a rack to place them for convenient watering (HHI) 

water ( a sink nearby is most helpful) & a mist hand sprayer to keep the babies hydrated!

cropping knife and green sack/containers for storage


growing sprouts to be eaten “loose” – not planted

pickle jar containers for sprouting (Ball)

mesh bags : my favorite is this mesh bag from Hippocrates Health Institute ( HHI)

Sproutamo Sunflower seed sprouter ( HHI) – I love mine- quicker due to convection air flow

Sprout lids ( grocery or HHI)

Green bags to incubate (grocery)

PrepWorks colanders for “growing on”- I like progressive’s system 

Water can be fom your sink


storage of Seeds

dark place, labeled containers – large glass jars- i use these from container store


resource books 

Books on Sprouting …(HHI)  link 

I interview the fabulous Linda Frees on podcasts #004 & 005 !



Please enjoy the gallery of gardens on our website!


Hugh & Mary Palmer Dargan, aslas